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Slider Shack Changed ownership in 2019, but John, a native San Franciscan, always loved being in the kitchen and playing with ingredients. He loved to cook and found it both creative and relaxing, even after a grueling and stress-filled day as an options trader in New York. In the dead of winter in a cramped Manhattan apartment, he often invited friends over for impromptu meals. Slider Shack continues using the same ingredients and work culture since beginning.


He returned home to the Bay Area in 2010 and continued to work in the financial sector. But his interest waned in things financial while he developed an intense passion and fascination with food. More than anything else, he loved to cook and share his food with friends and family.


In San Francisco he hosted backyard barbecues and informal gatherings among good friends who enjoyed good food. He experimented with combinations of textures and flavors, mouth feel and the interactions among spices and herbs and began pairing the subtle sweetness of soft Hawaiian rolls with the heartiness of expertly prepared meats marinated and topped with his homemade sauces. 

At one such gathering Susannah Chen ( encouraged him to take his food public. Her encouragement ignited his entrepreneurial spirit, and Slider Shack was born!


John began focusing on sauces as the magic elixir that would take his sliders to the next level, the pièce de resistance that distinguishes his sliders from all the others in the marketplace. Fascinated with the subtle complexity of sauces, he developed his now-iconic Polynesian Green Sauce. He is busy working on expanding the Slider Shack menu, including two vegetarian options, seasonal sliders, and new sauces to add that extra zing.




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